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Roofing Excellence


For Simple Roofing Solutions

We are a team of professional and skilled experts in roofing maintenance, replacement, and repairs. Starting with our 100% FREE roof inspection we not only point out and educate our Calvert County roof-owners about the different components of their roofs, but we look for any structural or age-related damage to those components as well. Roofing systems work together to keep your home's interior dry during the Maryland storm seasons. 

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For FREE Annual Roof Inspections

OK, so your roof is only 5 years old and in great shape. Why would you possibly need an annual inspection done for free? Annual roofing inspections not only identify potential problem areas before they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to other areas of the home or personal belongings, but they also provide a baseline "pre-storm condition" expectation for your insurance company to meet. Take it from roofing experts, you pay nothing for a free roof inspection, but it can cost you thousands to pass up on one.

For Roof Repair Solutions

In Calvert County Maryland alone there are ten to twenty severe thunderstorms each year. These storms can and often do produce roof damaging wind and hail. If upon our free initial inspection, we determine that your roof has suffered such damage, but not enough to warrant a full roofing system replacement, we have expert level technicians who can repair your roof and get you ready to face the next 10-20 storms!

For Expert Roof Replacement Solutions

There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not your roof needs to be replaced. Those factors range from obvious damage, age, the pliability of existing shingles, the availability of the shingles currently on your roof, insurance company recommendations, and yes, more often than you might think, aesthetic reasons. Whether your roof needs to be replaced, or you are tired of having the eyesore of the neighborhood on the most exposed and visible part of your home, we have the best and most Simple Solutions available for your roof replacement needs.

For Roof Top Level Service

Have you ever been to one of those rooftop restaurants? You know the ones, magnificent views, glorious offerings, and majestic customer service! Simple Solution's roofs offer a magnificent view of your brand new warrantied roofing system, a glorious range of incredible products, styles, and colors to choose from, guessed it...magnificent, top of the line roofing knowledge and service!


Offering Solutions for Every Part of Your Home From Roof to Deck

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Roofing Solutions

Are overwhelmed with options and insurance garbage for your roof? Make one call and our experts will make it all very Simple for you!


Home Repair Solutions

Did you break it, did the kids break it, or did the weather break it? No matter who is at fault, we can find the Simplest Solutions to repair it and return it to new!

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