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Trusted Window Repairs and Installation in Southern MD

Your windows play a critical role in your home's health, energy efficiency, and overall appearance. When they’re damaged or old enough to need replacement, getting them repaired or replaced as soon as possible is essential.


Whether your windows need a simple glass repair or a complete replacement, read on to learn more about our comprehensive list of professional window services. 

How to Know if I Need Window Repair or Replacement?

Some signs of window damage are immediately obvious: if your window has cracked or broken glass or a damaged frame, there’s no doubt that it’s time to call for a professional for a window repair or window replacement service. On the other hand, some signs of window damage are more subtle and can be missed if you don’t know what you’re looking for, like chilly drafts or foggy windowpanes. 

Cracked Window Glass or Other Broken Materials

Any visible signs of damage, like cracked or broken glass, damaged hasps, and swollen or splintered frames, should be repaired as quickly as possible. This kind of window damage is among the most common and has a variety of causes, from accidental collisions to years of wear and tear. The good news, however, is that this is the easiest kind of damage to spot and get repaired before additional problems can develop. Depending on the severity, the repairs for this kind of damage can be as simple as a partial glass replacement but can range to a complete frame renovation and beyond. 

Damage to the Window Frame

Damage to the window frame can include apparent physical damage like split, cracked, or splintered wood or vinyl, but it can also take the form of swelling, particularly in the case of wood windows, which are sensitive to humidity. Doors with built-in windows can also suffer from the same issues, all of which should be addressed as soon as possible to preserve your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and watertight sealing.  

Foggy Windows with Condensation

If your windows are “foggy” or show signs of condensation between the panes, there’s likely an issue with that window’s seal that must be fixed immediately. Foggy windows occur when condensation builds up between the window panes. This is usually the result of a failed seal, and the problem can become more exaggerated during particularly humid weather when your home’s climate-controlled air clashes with the air outside. A common misconception is that only old windows fog up; in reality, it only takes a small crack in the window’s weather sealing! If left unchecked, this problem can lead to other issues and increased energy costs.   

Unwanted Drafts and Poor Insulation

Speaking of energy efficiency, another subtler sign of window trouble is the presence of a draft or a noticeable temperature difference between a room in your home and the area near a window. Unwanted drafts are caused by failed seals or cracks in the window frame and can significantly increase your energy costs. The same goes for windows with poor or failing insulation; if the area near a window frame or the glass itself feels significantly colder or warmer than the room itself, the internal insulation around the window frame or the insulated air between the panes themselves may be failing to keep your home separated from the elements.   


What Kind of Replacement Windows are Available?

Whether you’ve been planning to invest in new windows for your home or unexpected damage has made replacement windows a necessity, the sheer variety of window styles on the market means that finding the right window type for your home is all but a guarantee. When you’re investing in a new window installation, it’s essential to consider what base material you’d like your windows to be made of and what style is best suited to both your needs and your home’s appearance. Read on to learn more about the different types of windows that Simple Solutions can provide for your home. 

Fiberglass and Vinyl Windows

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when installing new windows is the choice between frames: vinyl windows or windows made from fiberglass. Each has its advantages and disadvantages; for example, fiberglass windows can be textured, painted, and are thinner, so more glass is exposed throughout the entire window– but they’re more expensive than their vinyl counterparts, which are both cheaper and easier to install. Ultimately, for most homeowners, the choice will come down to budget and preference. 


Double-hung windows offer a unique blend of style and functionality. These windows feature two sashes that can be opened, providing increased ventilation and added safety for families with pets and small children since the top sash can be opened while the bottom is left closed. Double-hung windows are available in a few sub-styles, including designs that hinge open versus some that slide.  


Known best for their hand-crank variety, casement windows swing out from the side, allowing the entire window to open for excellent ventilation and utility. The method of opening and closing these windows with a crank can make them easier to open and close, but it comes with a downside: the mechanism can, on older windows, wear down over time, resulting in additional repairs that other styles of windows wouldn’t need. 


Awning windows are casement windows that open on a different axis; instead of swinging out from the side, awning windows crank upwards and outwards, which provides an excellent barrier from the rain while letting refreshing air in. The primary benefits of awning windows are the same as their casement counterparts: increased energy efficiency compared to other styles, great ventilation, and easy operation. 

Bow or Bay Windows

Compared to other types of windows, bay windows are a more involved renovation. The window frame extends past the house walls for these windows, allowing for a multi-paneled view that adds instant curb appeal to almost any home! These windows provide clear, uninterrupted panes of glass, and while the primary window in the center is typically sealed shut, the angled windows on the side of the frame can usually be opened for ventilation.  


Our Top-Rated Window Installation and Repair

Simple Solutions Contracting offers a comprehensive range of window replacement, installation, and repair services to meet and exceed all of your home exterior needs. Whether your existing windows are aged, damaged, and in need of repair, or you’re looking to renovate your home to boost its curb appeal, increase its resale value, and lower your energy costs, we’re here to help you find the best windows for the job! Our top-rated services include broken glass replacement and repair to help your home look and feel its best after the unexpected strikes. Contact our team today for a free inspection and estimate! 

Broken Glass Replacement and Window Repair

Broken glass is one of the most common forms of window damage, which is why our industry-leading window repair services specialize in window glass replacement and glass repair. If your glass windows have been damaged by a storm or an accident or been worn down over time, our services can help – but our expertise doesn’t stop there! We can repair or replace any part of your broken windows, including the glass, frame, and seals. 

Complete Window Installation

If you’re ready to make the investment, new windows can have a staggering effect on your home’s appearance and resale value. Even if you have no plans to move, our complete window installation services can help save you money month after month by improving your home’s energy efficiency while bringing your unique style and vision to life. 

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We are a Trusted Contractor in Maryland with Experience

Since 2016, Simple Solutions has been the leading window experts throughout Southern Maryland. Our wide range of professional services, dedication to superior customer service, and commitment to quality results have helped our company become the go-to window contractor in the area, and we’re proud to serve the community we’re a part of! Reach out today to see the difference our team can make. 

Expertise with Local Window Solutions

As Southern Maryland’s top-rated window contractor, we know what our work has to stand up to year after year. Our knowledge and experience of the area, combined with our industry-leading windows services, work hand-in-hand to deliver our clients a final product that is designed to last for years and provide the ideal return on their investment. We can help pick out the perfect window style for your home and its needs or work with you to make your vision a reality! 

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To learn more about our top-rated window services and how they can benefit your home, contact us today for a free estimate! Whether you’re in need of window glass or frame repair or a complete window replacement, our team is ready and willing to provide a proven and trusted solution backed by years of experience.   

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