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FAQs About Roofing, Home Exteriors, and More





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About Simple Solutions Contracting

Simple Solutions Contracting is a top-rated company for home exteriors, including roofing, windows, gutters, siding, and more! We’ve been serving Southern Maryland since 2016 with high-quality workmanship and a dedication to superior customer service. We are proud to be certified by top brands in the industry, including GAF and Owens Corning; our contractors are ready to help transform your home with our trusted services!


Check out Simple Solutions’s past projects gallery to learn more about what we offer. 

You can also read some frequently asked questions that our contractors get below! 

Our Roofing FAQs

As our flagship service, roofing repairs and installations can pose a significant investment into your property’s longevity. It’s natural that homeowners often have many questions when it comes to their roofing systems – below are some commonly asked questions that our team receives about our top-rated roofing services. 

What Kind of Roofing Services Does Simple Solutions Offer?

Simple Solutions is proud to offer an array of roofing solutions for Maryland homeowners, such as our trusted roof repairs, replacements, installations, maintenance, cleaning, and more! We also offer free inspections and estimates for all of our roofing services; contact us today for more information. 

How Much Does a New Roof Cost? Also, Do We Offer Financing?

Unfortunately, there’s no specific answer to this question. Roofing costs can vary wildly, all depending on the materials chosen, the size of the roof, the complexity of the project, and more. It’s always best to consult a professional roofer for a personalized estimate on your unique project in order to get a more concrete answer to this question. As stated previously, Simple Solutions is proud to offer free, no-hassle inspections and estimates to all of our customers! 

How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Updated?

There will be many signs that your roofing is beginning to deteriorate, including broken or damaged materials, loss of granules, patches of discoloration, and water leaks. If you suspect that your roof is showing signs of age or wear, contact a roofing contractor to inspect your roofing system and provide a detailed estimate of its condition.  


Do We Help With Roofing Insurance Claims?

Simple Solutions is proud to help homeowners across Southern Maryland with their storm damage while they place roofing claims! We provide official documentation of your home’s damage and communicate regularly with you as you work with your insurance provider. If you need a temporary tarp or fast repair, we've got you covered. 

How Long Does a New Roof Last?

On average, a newly installed residential roof should last between 25-50 years or more, again depending on the materials chosen and the maintenance performed over time. For instance, shingled roofing typically lasts a shorter amount of time than metal or slate roofing, which can last more than 50 years if cared for properly! Again, it’s best to consult a professional roofer for more information regarding the expected lifespan of roofing materials for your unique property. 

What Kind of Roofing Materials Do We Use?

We are proud to offer a wide selection of roofing materials for our installation services to homeowners. These materials include robust selections from industry leaders like GAF and Owens Corning and include (but are not limited to) asphalt shingles, slate, metal roofing, and more!  

How Long Will My Roofing Project Take to Complete?

As a trusted roofing contractor for Maryland homeowners, Simple Solutions takes great pride in completing top-rated roofing services in a short amount of time! Depending on the size and scope of the project, as well as weather conditions, Simple Solutions can complete nearly any roofing job within a day or two, with projects rarely extending past a week to complete. 


FAQs About Our Other Home Exterior Services

In addition to our top-rated roofing services, we also offer an array of home exterior solutions, including repairs and installation for siding, windows, gutters, and more! Contact Simple Solutions today for more information and a free estimate! 

Can We Fix Your Home's Siding?

The short answer: absolutely! Our team is proud to offer siding repair and installation services for homeowners. We have experience with nearly all types of siding on the market, from traditional vinyl siding to fiber cement, wood siding, and more! Check out our full siding services page for more information. 

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My Energy Bill is Too High, Is There a Problem with My Home?

If you find yourself frustrated with your energy bills throughout the year, there can be a few main culprits. Your siding, roofing, and windows all play a major role in your home’s overall insulation, and if one of those aspects isn’t functioning properly, it could be causing your heating and cooling costs to skyrocket! Contact Simple Solutions today, and one of our professional team members will come out to inspect your siding, roofing, and windows to try and diagnose what is going on with your home. 

How Do I Know Whether To Fix or Replace a Window?

When it comes to window repairs and replacement, it can be tough to know what plan of action you should take as a homeowner. If your window has aged and shows obvious signs of wear and tear, it may be time to “bite the bullet” and install some new windows. However, if there is simply a crack in the glass or a different slight problem, a professional repair job may just do the trick! It all depends on the overall condition of your windows and whether or not you think it is worth the investment. 

What Other Home Exterior Services Do We Offer?

Aside from our top-rated solutions for roofing, siding, and windows, our team also offers professional gutter cleaning and repair services! Clogged or broken gutter systems can wreak havoc on your home, spilling rainwater that can damage your home’s foundation and interior. For more information on our trusted gutter repair and cleaning solutions, check out our service page here


Simple Solutions Contracting is a Trusted Partner in Maryland

Since 2016, Simple Solutions Contracting has been providing homeowners across Southern Maryland with top-rated home exterior services. We believe that our commitment to high-quality workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry! Contact our team today for a free inspection and estimate and see what makes Simple Solutions such a trusted name for property owners. 

Localized Experience in the Region

Headquartered in Prince Frederick, Simple Solutions takes great pride in helping our community with their property needs. Whether it be restoration roofing after a major storm or helping homeowners boost their property value, we are glad to assist Marylanders across the region with trusted home improvement solutions. 

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