Who We Are

At Simple Solutions Contracting LLC, we believe that being your contractor is far more than the tasks we perform, the guarantees we provide, or even the invoices we send out. In order to be your roofing and restoration contractor, the very best contractor you need us to be, we make it our goal to build a relationship with you. Such being the case, we want you to know who will be inspecting your roof before they get there, who will be measuring your windows before they knock on the door, and even who will be working behind the scenes with your insurance company before you receive that first check. Like a roof, our family is a system that relies on one another to keep you safe from harm. Please, take a moment to meet our family and prepare to become part of it!

The Decking - Our Foundation

Anthony Latimer - Owner

Jodie Latimer - Chief Executive Officer

The Underlayment - Doing Work Behind The Scenes

Ursula Hawkins - Chief Financial Officer

Katie Davis - Contract Supervisor

Casey Rausch - Assistant Operations Manager

Mike Wysinger - Assistant Project Manager

Jessica Hunt - Procurement and Production Supervisor

Jessica Spalding - Corporate Accounts Manager

Julie Bettes - Billing and Accounts Receivable

The Fasteners - Usually Unseen, But Always Important

Andrew Herold - Roofing Inspections Supervisor

Wes Williams - On-Site Project Manager

Erlin Castro - Project Integration

Abelardo "Jorge" Lopez - Project Integration

Brandon Stevenson - On-Site Project Manager

Mark Krenzler - On-Site Project Manager